Ganaed is the home planet of this and several other campaigns. On it every creature in the D&D universe may be found. Magic, prophecy, and gods abound.

Iom created the gods and ordered them to build a grand garden. They toiled for millenia before presenting him with their creation- Ganaed. A perfect world, hosting many perfect little creatures. Trees of life to seed the world. Dragons to safeguard the planet. Elementals to hold the balance. Animals to conduct the business of nature. Iom declared it good, and breathed magic into the garden.

It was not long before elves ate of the tree-of-life and learned language. Delighted by their creation’s progress, the gods appeared among them and taught them of the world, of magic, of Iom. The elves learned quickly. They then taught what they had learned to the dwarves, who found it useful.

The gods were affected by dealing with mortals and their whims, and grew vain.


Deathsbane, or 2 Brothers of War byamasaki16